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Anna Lou & Friends

Animation series for 4 - 7 year olds


Hello! from Anna Lou & Friends

  • Anna Lou is a happy 6 year old girl, playful, full of life and a bit of a character.

  • Set on on a socially diverse estate called ‘Acornfield’ with family and friends.

  • Anna Lou welcomed a rescued dog called Buzz and having him is helping her with her self-esteem and confidence.

  • Buzz and Anna Lou receive special imaginary crowns only they can see.

  • The stories reflect daily life and situations that will be relatable to 4-7 year olds, with a mental wellbeing focus.  

  • The stories also celebrate the diversity in society within an everyday setting.

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Anna Lou

'Love yourself first'
Anna Lou loves singing and dancing.  She always helps her friends and animals.

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'There's no one in the world quite like me'
Charlie loves exploring nature.  His best friend is Margo the llama.



'I can and I will'
Ayesha is twirling, dreaming of being a ballet dancer.

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'Dream Big'
Zac finds a love for playing guitar.

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'I am a leader'

Jasmine takes multi-skills after school club

Buzz poster.jpg


'I am amazing'
Rescued dog Buzz is Anna Lou's best friend

Eddie poster.jpg


'Reach for the goal'
Eddie plays for community football team ‘Acornfield United’

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Margo, Otis, Sheridan

'Dare to be different'
Margo the rainbow coloured llama, and her friends Otis and Sheridan



'Believing in yourself'
Ella loves Yoga at breakfast club


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